EVERYCON-2015 | Ворох сказок для голодных душ

— Как пройти на Эврикон?
— Выходишь из метро и движешься через парк в сторону уменьшения адеквата…
[из подслушанного]

Так получилось, что время проведения Эврикона-2015 выпало на мрачный для всех нас день; всем присутствовавшим там пришлось вываливаться из выставочного центра в Сокольниках, где царил красочный хаос и сказка, в реальный мир, к его бьющим наотмашь новостям. И, как бы печальны ни были настроения в эти дни — вспомним, что эта сказка всё-таки была.

Что боевые кузнецы давали выковать свои собственные монетки на счастье. Что дымились алхимические коктейли. Что танк на паровой тяге подкрадывался к принцессам и задорно шипел. Что можно было выловить в чане с зелёной жижей что-нибудь полезное. Что золото с камзола Мойста фон Липвига сыпалось на чёрный костюм лорда Ветинари. Что угрожающие молодцы из постапокалиптического будущего угощали народ печеньем. Что зловещий бог Локи поправлял подол царю эльфов Трандуилу. Что борец с демонами Джон Константин, заправив сигарету за ухо, фотографировал фей. Что в безумном кабаре загоняли всех желающих в клетку, чтобы потом заставить прыгать через обруч цирковым зверем. Что страшный Далек под всеобщий хохот убегал от ведьмы с метлой…

Всё это было. И пусть оно запомнится именно таким: добрым, весёлым и согревающим сердце.

P.S.: От себя скажу огромное спасибо стенду Терри Пратчетта. Ваша покорная Док впервые была на таком мероприятии, однако же, коли в грядущем понадобится поддержка, лишняя пара рук и лишняя отмороженная голова — я в вашем распоряжении!

On Teasers, WIPs, and Expectations | О недоделках и недомолвках

A few previous weeks were a blast, so here we go with a little teaser for more… and a tiny peek of Halloween))

Последняя пара недель оказалась болезненно перенасыщенной, так что закинем-ка мы вам небольшой тизер… и кусочек Хэллоуина))

— .doc

The City: stages

A tale of lights, painted whales, blue braids, scary songs, and lots of coffee and magic.

Tonight is the night magic decided I should go walking and capturing things.
When I say “magic decided”, I mean it; I see absolutely no other reasons for the way the world behaved around us.

My dear friends (who answer to nicknames “Lou” and “Goblin” and happen to be two lovely ladies who share the same brand of peculiarity; before today they weren’t acquainted) were kind enough to share their company with me, so they can be my witnesses. We found a whale on an old wall. We found an ukulele bar next to a place where they sell takeaway noodles. We found an EYEBROWS LAB (Goblin insists, that’s where Peter Capaldi’s from; won’t share the photo, though — the neon sign’s in Russian anyway)). We saw a girl with a blue braid in a window of a tiny café, and that was the only reason for us to come in for hot chocolate (we told her so; the whole tiny café was decorated with empty cups painted with the weirdest images). We saw Angels (which is a men’s club, so we didn’t even try to get in). At some point we chose a place in an empty street and sang Delta Rae’s “Bottom Of The River” (well, Goblin and I sang, while Lou was beating a tattoo on a tube with a poster of Razor Eddie; the passers-by were appropriately scared).

At the end of our journey we snuck into a neat cafeteria near a huge business centre. While I waited for my coffee, Lou and Goblin discussed fairies.

“Doc, here’s a question for you as an expert”, they said. “Can elves be fat?”

I hesitated. A respectable lady who was making my coffee answered instead.

“Of course they can”, she said with calm confidence. “They just never are tall”.

That sounded like the most sober and logical fact one can hear.
Magic. Told you))

— .doc

The Raven King three candles lit… ©

You’ve been patient about this, you asked quietly about the details without wanting to be too loud, and finally I can share…


“The Strange Tarot”, which is how we nicknamed this set of Major Arcana, is finally alive and real. It is a set of 22 cards, 70 x 120 mm in size, and each card represents both a character/place/idea from the “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” AND an actual Major card from the traditional set of Tarot de Marseille. Trust me when I tell you I am truly proud of this project: with all the sleepless nights and painful painting experience, this is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever created. At the moment I’m working on designing canvas bags for the first limited edition packs I’ve managed to arrange a few weeks ago, and now I can finally say that one is a success, for they are just like I imagined them.


The first edition consists of 21 copies: 20 for the people who ordered them the day I announced the printing, and one for Bertie Carvel just because the name and the first card of the set were inspired by his performance. There are already a few people who own their copies of this pack (including Mr Carvel), but don’t own a bag for storing the cards, so if you need one, just remind me of sending you one (this also includes Mr Carvel, because I cannot actually imagine keeping those slippery bastards in anything but a bag, sir).

As soon as everything’s finished, I’m sending them out (it is safe to assume I’m starting that on 31st of August, so you people don’t even need to be too patient). It normally takes 14-21 days to deliver things from Russia, but I hope for the best.

I’m still giving out the separate cards in digital; I can’t give you the whole pack due to the distressing amount of people who try to re-sell the design, but I can email you a file or two of the cards you particularly like — the only way you can pay me back for this is doing charity, and I like to think it’s just the right thing to do.


Now, about the pricing and further editions… It takes a printing office 10-15 days to fulfill a request on printing a non-standard pack, and it’s rather pricey. For me, 35+ EUR is a considerable sum, especially when multiplied by 21, so right now I’m trying to reanimate my budget. In short: I’m not arranging another printing for at least a month or two. When I do (which depends solely on figuring out the number of people who want to get one), they are going to cost at least 35 EUR for each pack. Anyway, I’m still going to keep you updated on this.

Aaand just to conclude this all…
THANK YOU, people.
This project started because of my sheer determination and the desire to make something I never tried to. It means a world to me that such a great amount of people share their kind words and support with me — and, in fact, you keep sharing. That’s the best kind of response any artist can dream of, and nothing of what I do would have been real without that)) Go on, share this magic with others. Support the artists. We artists are a grateful lot ;3

Strange Tarot :: Major Arcana


This is the #StrangeTarot – a pack of 22 Major Arcana, based on the Tarot de Marseille and the TV adaptation of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”, the book by Susanna Clarke. Each card represents a card in traditional Tarot pack, as well as a character, place, object, idea, or event from the TV show.
That’s the general idea.
Now, to the specifics…


Each card has its meaning, and every character/place/etc. was chosen according to the concept of the traditional Marseilles’ pack, just because (surprise, surprise) I know how to read Tarot, and this particular choice makes sense.

I won’t be painting Minor Arcana for this pack because the thought of a card reading while using the portraits of real people doesn’t sit well with me. This is more like a kind of art in such a queer form, than an actual pack for reading.

I will be printing some copies out. They won’t fit for most readings, as I’ve told you above. But they can be a curious keepsake, or a souvenir, so if you want one, let me know. As soon as I figure out how much it will cost to arrange the printing, I’ll tell you.

These are a form of fan art — so, in case you want one of them in (more or less) HQ for personal use, feel free to poke me, and I’ll send you the file you need.

In case you get the digital file and feel like you want to pay me afterwards, these are the options you can use:
— go and donate to charity;
— go and support the actors/filmmakers/writers who made this possible;
— go and hug Edward Hogg. Or Bertie Carvel. Or Enzo Cilenti. Or anyone from the show — if you manage to catch them at some stage door, and ONLY if they aren’t against that, of course. I can only wonder if any of you actually does that… xD

Stray tuned for more creepy art; I’ll take a short break and will be back with more madness ;}

Sincerely not yours,