On Magician’s Opinions, Parkinson’s UK, and all the hiatus jazz.

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Since this is the last image I’m posting here for the foreseeable two weeks… here’s some info.

First of all: these days my respect for Enzo Cilenti boosted up, because he’s not just a talented actor with one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard, but the human being who cares, so — follow this link and donate if you can.

Second: yeah, I’m on a hiatus. I repeat: ON A HIATUS. That doesn’t mean I’ll cease painting or taking pictures of the most ridiculous stuff I can find; that means that I’m going to be away from the civilized world for the two following weeks, and I’m not going to be able to post anything or check messages. I can, however, keep babbling on twitter, so if you have questions/requests, I’m there: @erebusodora

Aaand the third: just… wish me luck. The magician you see above was that final nudge in the direction of designing my own set of Tarot cards I needed all these years, ever since I stopped actually reading Tarot for people. So I’m going to need all the luck, skill, and peace of mind to do that.

Wishing all the best to you lovely lot,

more or less yours,


On crows, ravens, and Strange things.

In case there is that statistical 0.25 of a person who actually wondered: yes, this website’s logo/symbol/coat of arms was established in 2004. And it’s half an ink drop, half a flying crow. It is most specifically the crow (there will come the day when we manage to translate that really obscene, but truthful anecdote about a strong and courageous crow from Russian into English to explain things!), not a raven

…although the black raven on the white field is a symbol we know and love, thanks to Susanna Clarke.

For those, who aren’t yet blessed to know: Susanna Clarke’s «Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell» (which, for yours truly, is on the same level of mastery as Michael Bulgakov’s «Master & Margarita») is now brought to life by BBC. And I dare say I’m weeping with joy every time I have a chance to behold another episode, for I know there will be only seven of them, and all good things on this scale of excellence always go to end before you have enough of them. I hoped that the adaptation of the book would be adequate. I never even considered the fact that it would be plain perfect, despite all the shortcuts and irregularities. [Add here the fact that my favourite character (from the book) turned out to be even MORE favourite in the film version, and you’ll get why all the art is happening.]

If you haven’t seen it: I honestly cannot guess what you are waiting for.
If you haven’t read it: go and see it before you run to your local bookstore and grab the book and read it yourself, and then to your awestruck children, husbands, wives, parents, or just the friends who didn’t run away the second they noticed your dazed look.

And, before I go all mad, finally embrace my inner Childermass and paint my own deck of Tarot de Marseilles, have some art I humbly offer.




Листайте ниже, там по-русски.

The most insane things come alive when I have nothing better to do during the lunch break and happen to have some drawing tools nearby.

See, I was totally awestruck by Ex Machina movie. I still am. It is so gentle, and calm, and laconically beautiful, and aesthetic, and absolutely terrifying, and every frame of it is a masterpiece. It still gives me shivers because of its beauty. So, since I had a bunch of copic markers, one black liner, a bottle of white ink and a white pencil, this happened. I’m not sure she is Ava; she is my perception, my memory of Ava, with slightly wrong proportions and too shiny eyes.

I think of selling her or giving her as a gift to somebody. Because I still think that at some point she might turn her head and look at me.


Самые странные вещи появляются на свет, когда мне нечем больше заняться в обеденный перерыв, а в зоне прямой доступности есть что-то, чем можно рисовать.

Так случилось, что я до сих пор в немом восторге от фильма Ex Machina. Не ищите его в российском кинопрокате; это совсем свежая работа, которую у нас не покажут в кинотеатрах. Она отчасти предсказуема, нежна, спокойна, красива в своей лаконичной завершённости и совершенно ужасающа. Так ужасать может момент, когда вам в спину уже воткнули нож, а организм ещё не почувствовал боль. У меня до сих пор шерсть дыбом от того, как спокойна и обыденна была эта страшная красота; если фильм потом выйдет на дисках, купите обязательно — пока же его можно выцыганить исключительно «из-под полы». И, раз уж у меня была рядом кучка «копиков», рапидограф, белая тушь и белый карандаш (причём не для рисования, а для маникюра, чтобы вы понимали всю глубину моего дна)), случилось… вот это. Это даже не Эва из фильма, а, скорее, воспоминание о ней, с чуть искажёнными пропорциями и слишком сияющими глазами.

Думаю, мне стоит её продать или подарить кому-нибудь. Потому что меня до сих пор не отпускает ощущение, что она рано или поздно повернёт голову и встретится со мной взглядом.

A Gallery of Creatures: because what the Hell, I can do that.

Listen. Here’s what I’m doing.


I’ve [accidentally!] started this thing that I like to call “A Gallery of Creatures” (here I bow down before Johnny Hollow band, because their album “A Collection of Creatures” is one of the finest and weirdest things I’ve heard in my life). I might call it something else one day, who knows, but for the moment here it is called that way. It is a folder at my dA account — it just feels right to keep them there before I finish at least a couple more, so that would be enough for a separate gallery here.

I choose a colour. Blood red, dark gold, battered blue steel.
I choose a flower or a plant to develop the mirrored pattern.
I choose a song from my playlist to quote from.

But before all that, I choose a man. Someone you might know and like. Someone I certainly would love to paint. I might choose a woman one day, because God knows, there are women who are too beautiful to resist, but for now I stick to simpler forms with more angles than flowing curves, so… yes. A man. That can be an actor, a writer, a comedian — I’m afraid there’s quite a list of humans I do enjoy painting, really.

And then I mix that all together in one digital painting — well, at least I’ll try my best, because all my friends keep telling me they hate me with such tenderness in their eyes that I just can’t fail them.

As soon as it is finished, I put it in this gallery as a downloadable printable file with transparent background. Since it is fanart I enjoy doing, I have no profit from this (only keeping my mind off thinking my usual dark thoughts) — and I shall not have any. I also will be very sad and upset if any of you use them to gain money. This fanart is free and non-commercial. You are free to download it and print it on a tee, or apply as an avatar/background on your blog, or use it in any way you like, if you don’t SELL it. You don’t even need to credit me (unless you do want to make me smile using the #OneDocToPaintThemAll tag on twitter))).

This idea and this art was born free; keep them that way.

— .doc

Take a vacation, they said. You’ll have some rest, they said.

Yeah. That sounds more like me.

P.S.: There are also the videos of processing some of these images at livestream — looks like I’ve had some excessive energy left after the Eisbrecher show…)))

Watch live streaming video from dunkelgrau at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from dunkelgrau at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from dunkelgrau at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from dunkelgrau at livestream.com