Halloween Strikes Back: ExLibris, Moscow, 2014.

At the end of the Halloween Friday people at my office were genuinely puzzled.

“So… you’re going to walk the streets like this?” they asked.

“Yup”, was my eloquent answer.

“And what are you going to do???”

“Well, offer people light, warmth, and jelly monster sweets, naturally”.


What they didn’t know was that I had company. Imagine a tall lady, dressed as a military witch and waving a candle lamp around, walking alongside with a small lady in monkey hat and a ginger beard. And that was only the beginning…

I’m going to let the pictures (moving or not) speak for themselves. Just keep in mind that most people in those pictures are the staff of a fairly normal tiny café, hidden within a building of one of the Moscow libraries. I can’t keep from madly grinning at the thought, really – pity I had no chance to properly record the jazz session with bass guitar, four harmonicas, and improvised Tom Waits-ish rumbling that also happened that night.


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On Doctors (Frankenstein Included) and Other Scary Things

Hello there, .doc speaking again.
Let me ask you this…

Have you ever been afraid of something you created?

No, forget that. Let’s start this over.
See, the worse I feel, the more I paint. I mostly do faces, just because it’s always interesting to explore the character, the emotion behind those masks of flesh and bones. The more complicated the face is, the better it works: painting something living, breathing and complex somehow soothes my soul better than any pills.

I paint A LOT these days. And I did need something to calm me down for a while, so I decided to try something new. At the moment I was listening to Peter Capaldi reading some incredibly sinister book, so…


…well. At some point the sketch looked like it was about to start swearing at me. That’s the angriest and saddest face I’ve ever painted, and it still frightens the Hell out of me. I was seriously stunned for a while right after finishing this, just because it felt like I’d never be able to paint anything more intense. ALL THE FRANKENSTEIN FEELS, you see. It’s either the best fan art I’ve ever created, or I’m still high on sedative pills.
I suspect it is both.


Anyway, I’ve made some postcards for my friends, just because it feels right to share this image. The glyph I included here is Gallifreyan for “hopeful”. And, just to conclude this entry and give you my reasons for choosing this glyph, here’s a quote from Clive Barker that describes… Well. It describes pretty much everything.

Hopelessness is reasonable.
But nothing of worth in my life came of reason.
Not my love,
not my art,
not my heaven.
So I am hopeful.

© Clive Barker, “Abarat III: Absolute Midnight”.

Dirty Mind, Dirty Mouth… and a flock of birds.

Today’s story starts with a song.

That was the very first time I ever heard Eliza Rickman. The name was easy to remember (I mean, come on, Professor Snape is my teenage hero, how could I forget someone with such a surname?!), so I started looking for more. This song was “the weather” in one of the episodes of Welcome to Night Vale podcast, and thankfully these lovely people always point out to the sources where they get their music.

Her album “O, You Sinners” is a mixture of a lovely clear voice, eerie bells and toy piano sounds, and chilling lyrics. Trust me, one should see “White Words” performed live to feel this music. If a witch had a voice of a princess, that would be Eliza Rickman.

Eliza Rickman — White Words from Dr. Captain on Vimeo.

I’ve been hooked on the idea of a painting inspired by her music for quite a while. But only after listening to “Birds” by Daphne Du Maurier (I had my pleasure of listening to it the way it’s being read by Peter Capaldi) I finally realised what the painting should look like.


It took me two hours, two different software types, and two textures by resurgere to finish this.

I guess I needn’t mention I’m extremely glad to know lady Rickman approves <3
Happy Halloween, you people!

«После смерти череп всегда весёлый!» ©

NB: Док обложена дэдлайнами, одеялками и простудой, и чуть более неадекватна, чем обычно, но…

Если вдруг вы хотите научиться рисовать человеческое лицо.
Или если вдруг вы плохо знаете пластическую анатомию и хотите восполнить пробелы.
Ну или, на крайняк, если вы элементарно хотите поржать с пользой для дела.


К слову, товарищ Рыжкин уже давно преподаёт в Строгановке, и истерики от его лекций доходили до меня ещё в бытность свободным слушателем в тамошних шпинатах. Так что — люто, бешено рекомендую к просмотру, ибо это дикий восторг. ТРИ ЧАСА дикого восторга, чтобы быть точным.))

Взято с канала Кружок скорого рисунка, ибо они вообще большие молодцы.

Bad news, good news…

Well, bad news come first.
They are:


That explains quite a lot on the subject of us being eerily quiet these days, so…
Good news: «Twisted Logic» has found its way to Russia despite all the possible issues with the Post Service and/or that game called «sanctions» that several governments are playing at. So now we’ve got something solid to prove: this is real. Printed. And dammit — it’s truly nicely done!


At this point, we are to say our goodbyes and float into the darkness.
Dreams to see, sleeping hours to catch on <3