It was very wise of you to decide to return. (…) There was something inappropriate in your absence.
— Max Frei, ‘The Volunteers of Eternity’.


FIX-IT (fandom term, adj.) — a descriptive epithet for a fan fiction, that fixes something in original, canon version of mentioned events. E.g., fiction can fix marriage, romantic notions, unreleased tension.
Or even death.
COULSON EVENT (fact) — also known as Schrödinger Coulson; the only thing in Marvel’s The Avengers you can really spoil.
DOUGHNUT (noun, specific) — also known as ‘donut’; a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food. Symbolizes peaceful eternity in its sweetest form. Fondly associated with better side of Jörmungandr in some religions.

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