По следам ЖКХ :: When Jekyll Rather Likes Hyde

It was so long ago I can’t even remember the date…
Well, I can. But that doesn’t change the fact it was a long time ago.

JEKYLL AND HYDE Opening titles from HUGE on Vimeo.

Once upon a time there used to be a series by ITV called Jekyll and Hyde. As far as I can tell, there was a lot of series that “used to be”, so I need to add some specifics. ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde hardly had anything to do with R.L. Stevenson’s ones. Surely, that can apply to almost any object of (more or less) modern (more or less) art that tries to portray the theme their ways, but that one was something special.

In fact, I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I loved the actors’ work there. I was fascinated by the sass and the humour. I was intrigued, because there was an actual mythology and plots beneath plots in there. The editing, the photography itself was very good. The opening titles are the work of art, I mean it. But for some reasons the result looked quite… terrible? No, that’s not the right word. “Kitsch” is more like it. And I’m not speaking of CGI or something (look at the Doctor Who, who cares about bad CGI there?!). That was the series that balanced on a thin line between terrible and terrific; something that was so bad it was good. We Russians even called the thing «ЖКХ», which slightly sounds like «Jekyll and Hyde» pronounced very quickly, but in fact that’s the abbreviation for the Municipal or urban engineering in Russia, and you have to live here to understand fully how bad it is. The characters were developing, the questions were being both asked and answered, the plotlines were getting better – and there, as you might have guessed it, the show was canceled.

The funniest part here is that I’d thoroughly recommend you to watch it some day. ITV’s “Jekyll and Hyde” has a refreshing post-modern fanfiction-ish approach to the story, and I would absolutely love to read (yes, read!) more of it, if the rest cannot be filmed. My mind can do the rest of the work, for the actors have already painted the portraits of their characters rather boldly (I still have Richard E. Grant’s, “A-ha!” on my ringtone)).

But before the show was canceled, my friends et moi managed to make a photoshoot on the theme. It was a cold late autumn day, almost winter, мы почти примёрзли сперва к фотоаппарату, а потом — к каналу имени Москвы, and I still think that was a blast, given the amount of time and resources we had.

@madderlly was the lady called Fedora.
@Goblin_Idiota was the zombie… mummy… thing?!
The one who held onto the camera, did make-up, and edited the results was me.
That was the kind of session when the mom of the photographer provides the catering and additional furs.
I’m still damn proud of that one, to be frank, so it’s only fair to share.


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