A Gallery of Creatures: because what the Hell, I can do that.

Listen. Here’s what I’m doing.


I’ve [accidentally!] started this thing that I like to call “A Gallery of Creatures” (here I bow down before Johnny Hollow band, because their album “A Collection of Creatures” is one of the finest and weirdest things I’ve heard in my life). I might call it something else one day, who knows, but for the moment here it is called that way. It is a folder at my dA account — it just feels right to keep them there before I finish at least a couple more, so that would be enough for a separate gallery here.

I choose a colour. Blood red, dark gold, battered blue steel.
I choose a flower or a plant to develop the mirrored pattern.
I choose a song from my playlist to quote from.

But before all that, I choose a man. Someone you might know and like. Someone I certainly would love to paint. I might choose a woman one day, because God knows, there are women who are too beautiful to resist, but for now I stick to simpler forms with more angles than flowing curves, so… yes. A man. That can be an actor, a writer, a comedian — I’m afraid there’s quite a list of humans I do enjoy painting, really.

And then I mix that all together in one digital painting — well, at least I’ll try my best, because all my friends keep telling me they hate me with such tenderness in their eyes that I just can’t fail them.

As soon as it is finished, I put it in this gallery as a downloadable printable file with transparent background. Since it is fanart I enjoy doing, I have no profit from this (only keeping my mind off thinking my usual dark thoughts) — and I shall not have any. I also will be very sad and upset if any of you use them to gain money. This fanart is free and non-commercial. You are free to download it and print it on a tee, or apply as an avatar/background on your blog, or use it in any way you like, if you don’t SELL it. You don’t even need to credit me (unless you do want to make me smile using the #OneDocToPaintThemAll tag on twitter))).

This idea and this art was born free; keep them that way.

— .doc

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