A tale of lights, painted whales, blue braids, scary songs, and lots of coffee and magic.

Tonight is the night magic decided I should go walking and capturing things.
When I say “magic decided”, I mean it; I see absolutely no other reasons for the way the world behaved around us.

My dear friends (who answer to nicknames “Lou” and “Goblin” and happen to be two lovely ladies who share the same brand of peculiarity; before today they weren’t acquainted) were kind enough to share their company with me, so they can be my witnesses. We found a whale on an old wall. We found an ukulele bar next to a place where they sell takeaway noodles. We found an EYEBROWS LAB (Goblin insists, that’s where Peter Capaldi’s from; won’t share the photo, though — the neon sign’s in Russian anyway)). We saw a girl with a blue braid in a window of a tiny café, and that was the only reason for us to come in for hot chocolate (we told her so; the whole tiny café was decorated with empty cups painted with the weirdest images). We saw Angels (which is a men’s club, so we didn’t even try to get in). At some point we chose a place in an empty street and sang Delta Rae’s “Bottom Of The River” (well, Goblin and I sang, while Lou was beating a tattoo on a tube with a poster of Razor Eddie; the passers-by were appropriately scared).

At the end of our journey we snuck into a neat cafeteria near a huge business centre. While I waited for my coffee, Lou and Goblin discussed fairies.

“Doc, here’s a question for you as an expert”, they said. “Can elves be fat?”

I hesitated. A respectable lady who was making my coffee answered instead.

“Of course they can”, she said with calm confidence. “They just never are tall”.

That sounded like the most sober and logical fact one can hear.
Magic. Told you))

— .doc

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