BOSCH: City Of Bones, or Sketching Before The Thing Comes True.

So, we’ve had a rather unpleasant period, just because yours truly had her art PC broken, and now…


We’ve got a lot of things to tell about, in our normal bilingual mode, yet before we do that, we feel like we need to spread the word about something we certainly want to happen.

City of Bones: sketchwork

See, once upon a time a guy called Michael Connelly wrote a book about an LAPD detective Hieronymous Bosch. Yes, like that Hieronymous Bosch I hope you all know. And now they are trying to launch a full series about this guy, which will include:
— a goddamn fine plot instead of «we’ll figure out WTF we are doing around episode 10» style in most procedurals;
— an incredibly good nearly-noir style of the whole narrative;
— more acting, less CGI;
— the main hero, smoking, drinking, sneering, telling dark jokes in calm tone, having nervous breakdowns, etc. — EVERYTHING ONE CAN LOVE IN NOIR FILMS;
— oh, did we mention jazz music?..
— some bloody realistic and thorough approach to police investigation — I mean, they’ve filmed half of the pilot episode in an actual LAPD office;
— and a team of the actors who can actually act instead of just saying the lines — I mean, have you seen Titus Welliver? He’s got the main part. Imagine the rest of them.

Forget the glamorous boys and girls fighting crime without plot.
Go to Amazon or LoveFILM to rate, review, and spread the word.

Trust me, when I’m making a fan art for something that isn’t even a full real project yet… THIS IS SO WORTH MAKING IT HAPPEN.

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