Hello, Doc speaking.
And — well, I certainly feel like we need to start this one with a quote.

She turned his hands back and looked at the scarring across the knuckles. They were old marks and not very noticeable anymore.
“Hey, what is this?”
“Just scars.”
“I know that. From what?”
“I had tattoos. I took them off. It was a long time ago.”
“How come?”
“They made me take them off when I went into the army.”
She started to laugh.
“Why, what did it say, ‘F*ck the army’ or something?”
“No, nothing like that.”
“Then what? Come on, I want to know.”
“It said H-O-L-D on one hand and F-A-S-T on the other.”
— Michael Connelly, “City of Bones”.

A while ago I’ve already mentioned that there’s an ongoing and very uncertain production of screen adaptation of Michael Connelly’s book series about LAPD detective, Harry Bosch. You can check that entry: until recently, the whole project consisted only of a single pilot episode. And few days ago it was finally confirmed that the show must go on. Or, at least be picked up for a season.

I’ve got great amounts of affection and respect for all the people involved in this production — seriously, look at the quote above and then check out the shot of the screenplay (as taken from Michael Connelly’s website):

These people do love the work they’re doing.
And when this happens, they put their hearts in their work.

Since I had started sketching some of the fan art for the show even before it was officially confirmed, I promised that the day it got promoted to a full season I’d make a t-shirt design, free for anyone involved in this. I need to thank both the «insiders» of the project, who provided me with needed amounts of inspiration, and the fans, who appeared to be a fine and solid team I’m lucky to be in.

So — as promised — here’s what our t-shirt prototype looks like.

BOSCH :: T-shirt graphics

There is still a lot to do, and there are still lots of ideas that feel good to be painted, so I count this as a nice start — and, as my real-life-office boss puts it, «+5 to magic».

And yeah, one doesn’t just mention «HOLD FAST» in the title without adding it to the entry text. The lovely ladies who are in charge of «Team Bosch» in social networks (The Mayor Clare is seriously one of the most focused and motivated people I’ve met, I mean it!)) agreed, that the quote should be added on the back of the t-shirt, and that one will look like something of the following sort:

hold fast

So, I’m finishing this entry with high hopes for a good show, and another quote from the same book.

“It’s not a big deal. When I was a kid, one of the times I ran away I ended up down in San Pedro. Down around the fishing docks. And a lot of those guys down there, the fishermen, the tuna guys, I saw they had this on their hands. Hold fast. And I asked one of them about it and he told me it was like their motto, their philosophy. It’s like when they were out there in those boats, way out there for weeks, and the waves got huge and it got scary, you just had to grab on and hold fast.”

Bosch made two fists and held them up.

“Hold fast to life . . . to everything that you have.”

…which is seriously one of the greatest things one should raise their glass to.
So — to our luck and success, Team Bosch. Defeat is not an option since we’ve made it this far.
And… hold fast.))

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