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Hey there ;3

Quite a while ago yours truly made a comic story, which was a sort of sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers and was called ‘Fix-It’ [it’s already available here, so you can read that one if you really dig the theme]; the story was quite a success, especially given the fact The Odd Order, Chiffa and me worked on that one for about a month (which is quite a short time for creating a full story with plot in it, even if it consists only of thirteen pages).


Now, over a year later, here comes another short Marvel-related comic story, which precedes Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — because I love painting these people, no matter what.

It’s called ‘Dull Life’, and I want to thank Chiffa for support and fixing my ideas and issues with human anatomy drawings and the Inspector of the Odd Order for beta reading)) Click the image below to get to the story:


Plus, here are some extras:

  • click here to listen to the music that helped me do this;
  • click here to get a PDF file (in crappy quality, but still — okay for portable devices);
  • no comments on Agent Blake, just… no comments at all, see for yourself that gorgeous piece of madness.


Also, special thanks go to highly improbable person called Clark Gregg for inspiring all of this; he’s the person who has once and forever gained my unlimited respect, so this one’s happened because of him {and I hope he has a minute of fun reading it}.

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