‘LORELEI’ in words and images.

It happens on the 5th of Apri—
Wait, it’s already 6th.
It’s Moscow, half past midnight, the wind is freezing, but most people who still linger near the club don’t feel that. Some help themselves to drink something that might — eh, let’s put it this way, — ignite your inner fire. Some just feel nice because they had a chance to hug and share their gratitude and excitement with the guys who rocked this night like a bloody hurricane.

The guys in question are the Eisbrecher band.

“I’ve listened to your band”, I babble as I happen to be in front of Jürgen the Guitarist. “And blimey, you sing so well — you always play guitar — I had no idea you could sing so well!..”
“Neither had I”, he replies, grinning.
And that’s pretty much the way everyone of them behaves. Jürgen Plangger (see above)), Achim Färber (the suspiciously quiet drummer who manages to charm one of the fans into sharing his scarf), Rupert Keplinger (who plays bass guitar and at the moment is busy with running back and forth with: “I’ll be back, but I’ll be quick, it’s freezing here!”), Noel Pix (who manages to kill the crowd with a sudden and delighted: “КАРТОШКА*!” without the slightest accent), all their tech and management crew… They are irresistibly lovely in the simplest possible way: being easy with people.

Let’s face it: I knew that from long before. The band members change, but the spirit stays. So it was easy to figure out the precise idea and the only way I wanted to thank these people. Few years ago their lead singer, Alexx Wesselsky (who is about two meters of the wildest charm you can encounter in a living person), joked about having a comic book about the band.

One doesn’t joke when a painter is watching.


So “Lorelei” happens in a few weeks before the show. It is a short story about a nuclear-powered ice-breaker, which, as I hope, turned out to be as fun to read as it was fun for me to do. And, as I stand there, looking up (UP. UP! I’m 5’11” tall and STILL LOOKING UP!!!) at Herr Wesselsky, I just say: “Could you please sign this?..”
“Lorelei”, he reads with that unmistakable German lilt in his voice. “Is it your name?..”
“Then wh… OH”.
And he opens the book, as I explain what it is.

I guess I’ll leave you here, with a link to the full comics, just because there’s nothing more to say. There’s one thing I want to add: watching the realization dawning on a person is one of the most beautiful things you can behold. Ever. Period.

Danke sehr, Eisbrecher.
You give me ideas, and that is priceless for any creator.

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