On crows, ravens, and Strange things.

In case there is that statistical 0.25 of a person who actually wondered: yes, this website’s logo/symbol/coat of arms was established in 2004. And it’s half an ink drop, half a flying crow. It is most specifically the crow (there will come the day when we manage to translate that really obscene, but truthful anecdote about a strong and courageous crow from Russian into English to explain things!), not a raven

…although the black raven on the white field is a symbol we know and love, thanks to Susanna Clarke.

For those, who aren’t yet blessed to know: Susanna Clarke’s «Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell» (which, for yours truly, is on the same level of mastery as Michael Bulgakov’s «Master & Margarita») is now brought to life by BBC. And I dare say I’m weeping with joy every time I have a chance to behold another episode, for I know there will be only seven of them, and all good things on this scale of excellence always go to end before you have enough of them. I hoped that the adaptation of the book would be adequate. I never even considered the fact that it would be plain perfect, despite all the shortcuts and irregularities. [Add here the fact that my favourite character (from the book) turned out to be even MORE favourite in the film version, and you’ll get why all the art is happening.]

If you haven’t seen it: I honestly cannot guess what you are waiting for.
If you haven’t read it: go and see it before you run to your local bookstore and grab the book and read it yourself, and then to your awestruck children, husbands, wives, parents, or just the friends who didn’t run away the second they noticed your dazed look.

And, before I go all mad, finally embrace my inner Childermass and paint my own deck of Tarot de Marseilles, have some art I humbly offer.



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