On Magician’s Opinions, Parkinson’s UK, and all the hiatus jazz.

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Since this is the last image I’m posting here for the foreseeable two weeks… here’s some info.

First of all: these days my respect for Enzo Cilenti boosted up, because he’s not just a talented actor with one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard, but the human being who cares, so — follow this link and donate if you can.

Second: yeah, I’m on a hiatus. I repeat: ON A HIATUS. That doesn’t mean I’ll cease painting or taking pictures of the most ridiculous stuff I can find; that means that I’m going to be away from the civilized world for the two following weeks, and I’m not going to be able to post anything or check messages. I can, however, keep babbling on twitter, so if you have questions/requests, I’m there: @erebusodora

Aaand the third: just… wish me luck. The magician you see above was that final nudge in the direction of designing my own set of Tarot cards I needed all these years, ever since I stopped actually reading Tarot for people. So I’m going to need all the luck, skill, and peace of mind to do that.

Wishing all the best to you lovely lot,

more or less yours,


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