On Nightmares, Symbiosis, and The Sentient Things One Can Paint

SYMBIONT ‎(plural symbionts)
(ecology) An organism that lives in a symbiotic relationship; a symbiote.

…or, at least that’s what Wikipedia says.

And I think, as the Walpurgisnacht is approaching, it’s time to reveal what it’s all about.

See, years ago I came across a short fiction (which I cannot find up to this day, but I’m still searching), which included the description of a bullet as of a metal tree of death growing through you. That image is apparently stuck deep inside my mind, so a couple of months ago I’ve had this weird nightmarishly beautiful dream about a bartender who was grown through by an ancient sentient tree. That was basically the same theme, just not in the deathly way; it was more like a strange symbiosis. I’ve read my share of books about symbiotic relationships (to be frank, I’d love to be in one, with, say, a nice sentient mineral, because why the Hell not), and the idea in my head started to gradually shape and solidify.

That was until I saw Edward Hogg. Insert the sound of thunder and my manic laughter here.


That’s a strange thing to say, but usually I don’t see human faces in my dreams (kinetics, sounds, and emotions are my kind of images), and I find it hard to choose a certain face to match a particular idea. But sometimes you see a person move or speak, and all of a sudden it fits, like it has always been there. That might be the way casting directors think, I suppose. The thing is, I’m neither allowed, nor have a real chance to film everything that’s happening inside my mind.

But I have my ways. (Repeat the manic laughter, please).


Day after day, the story grew through me, like that sentient tree, hidden from sight. I thought of a real plot. Of other characters. And at some point I just gave up and gave in to this temptation, so the «Symbiont» is happening right now. You can already guess who’s been my inspiration for one of the principal characters. Practice shows, I can do about 12-13 pages per month, so I divided this into chapters, and the first one is already finished.


All I need now is enough strengths and luck. To tell the initial story means making at least three more chapters; and there’s always the possibility of side quests. I can only hope I can do that, for my strongest belief is that the stories actually want to be told; all we can do is let them be heard.

Wish me luck…
And stay tuned))

All yours and up here,
— .doc

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