The Brief View on Some Symbiotic Structures

As you might have wildly guessed: yes, that’s a short heads-up about the Symbiont project that yours truly keeps developing. It’s been a long while since I’ve started, and I’m finally getting to the final parts of the second story, and I almost (ALMOST! that’s a giant step for me!) stopped hating all the flaws and mistakes I allowed in the process of painting/composing the thing. There are some questions being asked, and it’s about time I answered.

First of all: this was never a commercial project, and I rather enjoy telling the story, so this won’t be a Patreon thing (although some people suggested this idea). It’s not even about my being awkward when people try to give me monies for the stuff I actually like doing; it’s that I seriously cannot imagine something I should reward the patrons with. Prints? Who’d need them, I wonder. Stickers? They are already in development, and will be shared for free. NSFW art? Ho-ho-ho, now, that’s something I’m not doing just because 90% of characters there are based off the real people, half of whom I know in person, so the level of «awkward», as my dearly loved H.P. Lovecraft puts it, would be cyclopean.

Second: I’m trying my best to keep the updates regular, so the next chapter will be called «The Things In Common» (wink, wink) and is going to see the world on or around the 1st of September. Well, at least I hope it does, for there’s a bunch of people who believe I need to invent some stuff from nothing for my day job and rehearse some music afterwards, so there’s tragically little time to get things done these days. (That said: please, wish me luck. Thank you.)

Third: as far as I can tell, at least one person I know is in progress of translating the Symbiont into Russian (wish her luck, too), so it is fair to say that скоро оно будет и на моём родном — правда, шут его знает, как переводчик вывернется с игрой слов. That said: do excuse my Russian.

There’s hardly anything left to say on the theme at the moment, so I wish you a wonderful day (night, any other part of the 24-hour cycle), peace on Earth, and nice dreams.

Stay safe and feel well.
Off to paint some more stuff-


P.S.: Cúnla is definitely NOT wearing an ushanka.
Also, this is the pigeon I used for reference, and I have people who can prove that.

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