On Tales and Midnight, or — Keep Calm And CARRION.

Witch, do this for me:
Find me a moon
made of longing.
Then cut it silver thin,
and having cut it,
hang it high
above my beloved’s house,
so that she may look up
and see it,
and seeing it, sigh for me
as I sigh for her,
moon or no moon.

A fan illustration to Clive Barker's incredible "Abarat" books.

In case you don’t get what it’s all about, and before you freak out…
The guy’s name is Christopher Carrion (a.k.a. the Nightmare Man, or the Prince of Midnight); and is one of the main characters in the «Abarat» book series by Clive Barker. I dare say, he is certainly one of those book characters I hold dear. So painting him was only a question of time…
…and right mood.

just because I painted this to some really good music:
:: 1 ::
:: 2 ::
:: 3 ::

It was only fair to paint him as a sorcerer, capturing magic — and, well, that ‘glitter jar’ is desperately trying to represent the idea; also, I decided to paint him not in his full black-and-gold glory, but in something that suggests being torn apart at some moment. Plus, I tried to use the technique, a bit different from my usual, as some of you can see…
Hopefully, this is not my last painting of him — just because I’m always pretty high on Abarat books, and any possibility of re-reading them brings another urge to revisit the character.

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