Precious, Metal, Addictive.

Well, apparently we’re back again; .doc speaking, as usual — yet with something completely new even for us.

It took me quite a while to finally try making something with precious metal clay (PMC for short), but since the very start I feel like this stuff is highly addictive; the more you make, the more you want to make. For some reasons, I absolutely adore silver at the stage of forging it, right when it’s heated and glowing red through its natural white shade…

In case you’re as new in this as I were, here are some tips for those who want to try this.


I use PMC3; if your designs are as small as mine are, you forge them for about 2 minutes with a butane torch in order to burn away all the polymer parts. Fire makes PMC3 shrink, so the final result is about 10-15% smaller than the initial one.

I form the drafts for my designs with modelling clay, and then I use two-part moulding rubber to make silicon moulds for the final design. For me, that’s better than using patterns or something like that — and you can fix any irregularities with a wet paintbrush or any crafting tool, while your design is damp and flexible.

After the designs are forged and burnished (really, you can burnish them with pretty much anything!), I make them darker with the mixture of water and plain sulphur ointment one can get at any drug store. The more ointment you apply and the more the finished item stays coated in it, the darker it turns, which provides a nice antique look with dark patina.

…aaaaand here are some examples.

This one’s been a birthday gift to one of my colleagues; she wears it on a dark brown leather cord.


This one’s mine; I use black ribbon and a double bracelet with labradorite and wooden beads to go with it.


This one’s a commission for one of my bosses; she wears it on a dark burgundy leather cord.


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