On field trips and waking up. Мы медленно, но верно оживаем.

Русскоязычная и текстовая часть наполнения сайта сейчас ещё в летаргии, но пациент стремительно приходит в сознание.


How do you do, hi — we are waking up steadily. While still being 50% lethargic (like, verbal part of the website is still in ruins, and the visuals aren’t that many as we planned, but that can be fixed with time), this thing seems to finally rise up from the ashes. If you don’t know who we are, see the links above; we’ve already been here for a while, and it is indeed fun to be finally coming back with new projects and old dreams.

Here’s Doc speaking now, in my usual haste and not-that-usual lack of normal web connection. See, I’m not sure about seriously putting sort of blog section here, but I guess we’ll try, retry, check and find the better options with time. So far, I can assure you that with re-launching the website on a new platform we’ve found quite a few new means for putting here some of our stuff…

We’ll see.
I’m only writing this here just to give you the warmest welcome to our web shelter)) It seriously feels tremendously good to be back.

Love and hugs,
Doc (Chiffa’s nearby)

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