Red, Orange, Yellow Flicker Beat — or Something Like That

Every once in a while I suddenly remember I’ve got a:

  • camera;
  • couple of friends who aren’t exactly aware of how beautiful they are,

and something like this happens.

Today’s recipe is easy. Take a tall brooding blonde girl…


…add some eyeshadow to match the autumn colours around, smell the last autumn roses…


…walk in a drizzling rain around a park that looks terribly like Narnia from a certain angles…


…and take a note of a deer/llama/swan somewhere in sight to get your model properly distracted. And don’t forget to adjust the settings on your camera to make the reds and yellows brighter, that’s the season they should be like that. Done.

So, you know what.
Forget the rain and cold, get your umbrella, and go for a walk, NOW. It’s that fleeting red-and-yellow time you really should catch in your memory.

All the best,


The best part is that from the selfies that dearest Anastasia (a.k.a. @Ok_lahoma on twitter) inevitably took you can easily notice who’s the photographer and who’s the model.


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