Some explanatory art- and social-related ramblings ensue.

Good evening… or, whatever the time is.

It turns out that it has really been a LONG while since I’ve posted anything on social media platforms (specifically: tumblr and deviantart), because real life and original works seem to be taking a greater part of my life than before. Don’t even ask what’s with real social life, for I’ve hardly got one – and you don’t want to know about Chiffa’s maddening schedule)) I’m still doing fanart from time to time, so I’m sharing it anyway – but mostly on twitter, just because typing less than 140 characters is just as much as I can afford.

Digital painting takes both my time and my eyes (especially the right one), so I decided to take a break from it in favour of the traditional one (and my health, thank you very much). The next chapter of my ongoing project, “Symbiont” comics, is to be released in a month, and more stuff is in production. For those who aren’t into that story – have some usual stuff, containing vague images of nature, some Bertie Carvel, and an occasional elven assassin commission.

The coda of this entry is especially for those who ask me how I manage to do so many things at once.


Every finished artwork means less sleep, worse health, less time to devote to one’s home and social life… well, you get it, I guess)) Envy not Hook, as James Barry states in his scary book about growing up.

Wish us, Hooks, some luck…

…and don’t forget to have some yourselves))

— .doc

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