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This is the #StrangeTarot – a pack of 22 Major Arcana, based on the Tarot de Marseille and the TV adaptation of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”, the book by Susanna Clarke. Each card represents a card in traditional Tarot pack, as well as a character, place, object, idea, or event from the TV show.
That’s the general idea.
Now, to the specifics…


Each card has its meaning, and every character/place/etc. was chosen according to the concept of the traditional Marseilles’ pack, just because (surprise, surprise) I know how to read Tarot, and this particular choice makes sense.

I won’t be painting Minor Arcana for this pack because the thought of a card reading while using the portraits of real people doesn’t sit well with me. This is more like a kind of art in such a queer form, than an actual pack for reading.

I will be printing some copies out. They won’t fit for most readings, as I’ve told you above. But they can be a curious keepsake, or a souvenir, so if you want one, let me know. As soon as I figure out how much it will cost to arrange the printing, I’ll tell you.

These are a form of fan art — so, in case you want one of them in (more or less) HQ for personal use, feel free to poke me, and I’ll send you the file you need.

In case you get the digital file and feel like you want to pay me afterwards, these are the options you can use:
— go and donate to charity;
— go and support the actors/filmmakers/writers who made this possible;
— go and hug Edward Hogg. Or Bertie Carvel. Or Enzo Cilenti. Or anyone from the show — if you manage to catch them at some stage door, and ONLY if they aren’t against that, of course. I can only wonder if any of you actually does that… xD

Stray tuned for more creepy art; I’ll take a short break and will be back with more madness ;}

Sincerely not yours,

5 thoughts on “Strange Tarot :: Major Arcana

  1. Hi Doc,
    I’m Angelo an italian fan of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I was very fascinated by your tarot, they’re FABULOUS!!! I wanted to ask if I could have the files in high definition.
    Please do it for Enzo Cilenti, which is half Italian like me.
    Bye ;)

    P.S. Forgive me for my bad english!!!

    1. Buongiorno, Angelo!
      Va bene, io posso tu darti il file — ma ho bisogno di sapere la tua email; posso solo immaginare per cui avete bisogno le carte… e spero che non si ha intenzione di vendere on-line)) Enzo Cilenti è un buon motivo — ma mi piace ancora di sapere di donare in beneficenza, come scritto nelle regole di cui sopra ;)

      P.S.: My Italian is worse than you English anyway))

      1. Hello Doc,
        I swear that I have no intention to sell online tarot cards, are a true fan of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and your wonderful work, so I would never do. Also I swear that I will make a donation to the orphanage in my town.
        My mail is, I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hello, and sorry for not answering for a long while — if you’re still interested, I can send you the files, for I’m out of physical copies. Will that be okay?

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