Trigger Warning and What’s Inside

I’m tired of work and bad news, so here’s some simple art.

I don’t normally treat all my books like this; but at some point I’ve realised I like it when a book has a story attached to it. Of course I’m aware that any book [naturally] has stories in it, but I like the ones who differ from the other copies of the same content. Once, I’ve ordered a novel that had an old flight ticket in it (from Boston to London). Or, I’ve bought a book that had a money bill in it. Or, my friends once gave me a book which was too old and had all those fancy scrawly writings on the front page…


I also enjoy putting small pieces of paper with my sketches inside books in bookshops; I just can’t help it. I think of people who’d buy the tome with my sketch in it and who’d be surprised by it, and maybe it would make them smile. Maybe I just love surprising people, maybe I just love to share the stuff I can do, maybe both — who knows?


Anyway: Neil Gaiman’s new book arrived at my snowy city these days, and I decided I just had to add something. Just for the sheer fun of the process. Just because one day one of my great-grandchildren might find this book and say: “Look, this one is different from all the others in our library, I wonder why!..”

…and start reading it.

Yes. That would certainly be a nice future.

— .doc

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