Trust Me: The Movie

Well, hello there, mighty reader, Doc speaking again, because…
Got a few things to share.

First of all: you might have heard about the movie in the title of this entry. If you haven’t, check IMDb and Facebook; and yes, those of you who know Clark Gregg only by his Agent Coulson, you might want to know that the man is not just a good performer, but a damn fine director with some truly serious stories in his head. He wrote What Lies Beneath, and also wrote and directed Choke, a.k.a. The Screen Adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s Book That Isn’t Fight Club And Is Actually Funny Despite Being Serious.

Trust Me started as a small indie project and was first shown to the audience of Tribeca Film Festival 2013; by that moment I knew for certain that:
a) Clark Gregg’s stories are way past comedy/tragedy identification, because THEY ARE BOTH;
b) if reading a screenplay makes you literally miss your train, that’s some damn fine screenplay;
c) if both the writer and the artist love grunge textures and noir novel covers, the cooperation’s destined to be a true bliss.

What I’m trying to say here is that it is an honour for me to get involved in this project even while being the smallest part of it. Working on the ‘art poster’ I can finally share with you was one of the most fruitful and pleasant experiences for me as a painter.

Trust Me: art poster

The movie is released today, so, as Mr Gregg puts it, «check it, share it, thank you very much!»)))
I’d love to see your reaction to this story just because I loved it from the first sight.
And — yeah, stay tuned for more, I hope there’s something exciting to share this week ;3

P.S.: Guys, just to be clear — that’s not the official cover/poster))) Call it «insider’s fanart» to be more or less precise xD

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